Beautiful Human Dynamism in Business

Belhyud New 6sigma
Institute Grupe


 The Belhyud Insttute Group is a practical research group of the "Japanese version of 6 Sigma" that supports the systematic problem-solving activities of Japanese companies and local governments with the "BST Program: Belhyud Solutiom Technology Program" as a weapon.
  Belhyud is named after "Beautiful Human Dynamism in Business". It means working dynamically and lively in the world of business organizations.

M5 type organization”
 to“Japanese version 6 Sigma”

 In response to IT era, we have modeled creative small group "M5 type organization" with problem-solving power,that is "M5 type problem-solving technique".
 Furthermore, with the encounter with Jack Welch's
"GE company version 6 Sigma" as a revelation, We have upgraded " M5 type problem solving technique" to "OS: BST program" for "Japanese version 6 Sigma".

Further upgrade the "BST Program"

 It has entered the full-scale "IT, AI era".So,we organize our activities in a "chronological table", and we aim to further upgrade the "BST Program"to a simple and reliable "new" for "new Japanese version 6 Sigma".