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Management Policies

 Due to the end of the growing economy and the ongoing deflation in Japan, those once-successful systems that many Japanese companies cherished have become obsolete.

 They include methods to establish business strategies and to make decisions , ways to organize and controle implementation and methods to train, reinforce and evaluate employees."

 To revitalize the Japanese economy as well as companies, it is absolutely necessary to clean up the debris in the past years of high-growth-economy, and to enhance management that can provide products and services of originality and competitiveness in terms of cost, quality and speediness to meet the diversified and individualized market needs, in addition to the improvement and changes of the country's financial and banking sytems.

 Many U.S. and European companies made great effort to enhance their management, especially from 1985 to 1995 for being ready to enter the globally competitive 21st century.
One of the good examples is ゛Six-Sigma activitie ゛for solving their management problems.

 On the other hand, the majority of Japanese companies are left behind in their management enhancement.
 They are still in 1980's in managing companies. The Japanese companies must search for ways to reinforce themselves by learning from the U.S.and European counterparts, by bidding farewell to the memories of their succesful past.
 Therefore, it is quite meaningful to evaluate and implement゛the Six Sigma of Japanese Version ゛for the Japanese companies to regain their international competitiveness.

 Belhyud Institute Grp, being aware of the existing situations, have integrated its original " Organizational Model Theory" and the "Problem-Solving Technology" for knowledge management.We are now intensively promoting ゛the Six-Sigma Program of Japanese Version ゛by modifying the Six- Sigma Program of the U.S. origin.