Jpanese V. Six Sigma

 The major target of "Six Sigma" is to achieve the occurrence of deficiencies ,just ゛3.4゛out of one million units of normal product in statistics, an extremely small scattering in uniformity.

 The " Six Sigma of Japanese Version " defines its Six-Sigma activities as follows:
 Entire organizational activities to solve problems to minimize ゛the unwanted cost resulted from quality deficiencies゛(COPQ :Cost Of Poor Quality) as close as possible to nil, by realizing the management's major objectives(SSP:Six Sigma Project)eatablished by means of accurate grasping the customers'needs(VOC:Voice of Customer) ゛as well as“ the strengths and weaknesses of competitors”, and focusing on゛internal factors that are related to the quality deficiency゛(CTQ:Critical To Quality).