Six Sigma of Japanese Version
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The major target of "Six Sigma" is to achieve the occurrence of deficiencies ,just JRDSJout of one million units of normal product in statistics, an extremely small scattering in uniformity.

The " Six Sigma of Japanese Version " defines its Six-Sigma activities as follows:
Entire organizational activities to solve problems to minimize Jthe unwanted cost resulted from quality deficienciesJ(COPQ :Cost Of Poor Quality) as close as possible to nil, by@realizing the management's major objectivesiSSPFSix Sigma Project)eatablished@by means of accurate grasping the customers'needsiVOCFVoice of Customer) Jas well asg the strengths and weaknesses of competitorsh, and focusing onJinternal factors that are related to the quality deficiencyJiCTQFCritical To Quality)D