History of
Belhyud Interenational Management Institute

2002 Expanding consulting activities to promote "Six-Sigma of Japanese Version."
1999 Enhancing ST (Solution Technology) that is baed on " M-5 Type Problem-
    Solving Technology " for knowledge management, and systematizing " Six-
    Sigma Program of Japanese Version "by docking it with " Organization-Model
1987 Starting project-management consulting by promoting " M-5 Type Problem-
    Solving Technology" and "Organizational Model Theory."
1985 Systematizing "Six Orgaizational Model Theory."
1983 Starting Belhyud research Association.
    Systematizing " M-5 Type Problem-Solving Technique " based on " Analog
    Information Handling Technique" and " W-Type Problem-Solving  Flow" as
    "Semi-Exact Science ".