6 Sigma Tools in Japanese Version
7 Problem-Solving Scenes /M-5 Type Problem-Solving Program
7 Problem-Solving Scenes
Main Contents
Main Skills

Round for Problem Awareness

Scene to share problem awareness regarding 6-Sigma project   

・Accessing management policies
・Establishing management policies
・Establishing a Sigma project and appointing
 a master "black-belter"
・Establishing standards for grasping COPQ

・SWOT analysis
・Recording issues of interest and
 problem awareness by BS
・Conceptualizing and illustrating
 problem awareness by KJ method


Round for grasping the current situation

Scene to grasp the essence of problems as reality, regarding project objectives

・Grasping COPQC
・Conceptualizing VOC and focusing on
 important items
・Conceptualizing CTQ and focusing on
 important items

・Recording of problems as rearity
・Conceptualizing and illustrating
 problems by KJ method
・Cause and Effect diagram,
・Controle chart Stratificasion
 and Pareto diagram


Round for concrete methods

Scene to search for concrete methods for problem solution

・Searching for the hints that lead  to
  "concrete methods"for solving CTQ

・Recording the hints that leads
 to concrte methods for solving
 problems by BS method


Round for identifying fundamental subjects

Conceptualizing the fundamental subject "SSP" and focusing on important items to solve CTQ

・Conceptualizing the fundamental subject
  "SSP" and focusing on important items
 to solve CTQ

・Conceptualizing and illustrating
 fundamental subjects  
 by KJ method

Round for selecting optimum methods

Scene to select optimum methods for solving fundamental subjects

・Conceptualizing and classifying the
 fundamental subject “S・SSP” to solve
 espective "SSP"
・Searching for concrete methods for solving
・Clarifying causes for solving problem
・Determining optimum intention for solving

・SA Process by KT metod
・PA process by KT method
・System/Process diagram
・DA process by KT method
・Taguchi method


Round for risk management

Scene to create measures for avoiding risks

・Systemizing approaching steps for
 countermeasuring risks by respective
 fundamental objectives "SSP"
・Determining critical passes for respective
・Searching for preventive and  emergency
 measures for respective critical passes

・Recording concrete methods
 to be added for risk management


Round for
plans for implementation

Scene to create plans and organization for implementation

・Documenting organization for
 implemetation and implementation steps fo
 respective "SSP"fundamental objectives
・Proposing implementation plans
・Converting implementation and its results
 into monetary outcome and rewarding
・Controling and maintaining results

・Implementation process
 document by accumulative
  KJ method