Belhyud Representative

Name 倧倖 俼epresentative
Jin Inoue

丒俹residing Belhyud Research Association
丒俼esearching economics, finance, distributions and
丂creation丂engineering at丂俛usiness丂research office
丒俤ngaging in human-resource management, employee
丂 training丄俻俠乮quality control乯丄international-factory
丂 management,丂倣arketing, research and development
丂 and so forth at a major丂manufacturing company
丂 based in Japan
丒俵ember of Infornation Management Association
丒俧raduated from Tokyo University

Recent publication of books and theses
by Jin Inoue

丒"How Can Businesspersons be Competitive ? "

Diamond Publishing Company

丒"How To Deal With Troublesome Organizations ?

Diamond Publishing Company

丒"Processes of Organizational Renovation"

Urban Produce Publishing

丒"Measuring of Human Resources" 丂

Urban Produce Publishing

丒"Knowledge Management in The Internet Age"

Urban Produce Publishing

丒"Six-Sigma Activities in Japanese Version
丂 for Small to Mid-Size Companies"

俰apan Productivity Management Association

丒"Revolutionary Quality and Production Enhancement
丂 by Six-Sigma in Japanese丂Version

Japan Management Association

丒"Human-Resource Development and Organizational
丂 Reinforcement丂by Six-Sigma丂in丂Japanese Version"

Total丂 Industry and Labor Institute