Problem 2
Solving problems to realize management targets
work out by BST

Japanese employees wrestle with duties eagerly, but their solving problems is inefficient by own way in many cases. They must be trained in strengthening "problem solving power" to realize management targets with low cost, precisely, speedily.

The problem solving power is developing by the method which is good and useful for performing related duties. They must be trained in particular to 4 next problem solving power and way adequately by the method,"work out program".

(1) The power to set the basic problems that must be settled in realizing
  management targets.
(2) The power to set the most suitable solutions about the basic problems
(3) The power to carry out about the most suitable solutions surely.
(4) The power to standardize the way of problem solving based on the result
  that they carried out, and to communalize in the whole organization.